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virgo | crazy lace agate gemstone bracelet


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wear crazy lace agate for stimulation.
40 carats of natural crystal gems.

the ‘happy lace’ patterns are said to create a stimulating energy flow, elevating thoughts, inspiring optimism & encouraging flexibility of the mind.

crazy lace agate is known as the laughter stone, famed for bringing joy & happiness.

celebrated for its grounding & support, known for healing emotional distress.

crazy lace agate is used a talisman for transformation, directing you pursue to new horizons & capabilities.

crazy lace agate associations

chakra - third eye chakra, crown chakra
planet - mercury
element - earth

power jewelry

wearing crazy lace agate crystal gemstones on your skin enables a constant flow of energy to mind, body & spirit.

every piece is one-of-a-kind.
ethically hand-crafted with natural variations.

style notes

- one-of-a-kind
- hand-crafted
- flexible fit
- signature bamboo box
- limited edition
- small batch
- 7" interior


carefully crafted from natural crazy lace agate crystal gemstones.
keep away from water & sweat. store safely in the natural bamboo box.
packaging is 100% recyclable & plastic-free.

virgo | crazy lace agate gemstone bracelet

virgo | crazy lace agate gemstone bracelet