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beechworth gemstone bracelet


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bracelets with intention.
find your perfect match.
limited edition, small batch.

style notes

- one-of-a-kind
- hand-crafted
- flexible fit
- signature bamboo box
- limited edition
- small batch

namesake - beechworth is a picturesque town, acclaimed for its food & wine scene, as well as its stunning gold rush architecture.
inspired by effortless australian style.  


I'm one-of-a-kind.
hand-crafted with carefully selected natural gemstones, every piece is unique. 
for millennia, gemstones have treasured for their beauty & healing powers. 
wearing me symbolizes a constant flow of energy to mind, body & spirit.



intelligence + truth + perception + harmony + intuition

I’m known to inspire profound inspiration, energizing the mind and enhancing intelligence & perception. I hold space as a grounding stone, revered for calming panic & transforming tension into feelings of harmony & balance. I symbolize truth & intuition, enhancing tranquility, empowerment & clarity to pursue your deepest desires.



luck + success + optimism + abundance + comfort

I’m famed as the luckiest gemstone, known to invite prosperity & abundance. treasured throughout the ages, I’m said to boost your powers of manifestation, increasing magnetism and banishing negativity & doubt. my connection with the heart chakra is known to provide comfort & promote emotional harmony. I symbolize optimism + success. use my intention “I am lucky”, to open your mind to the endless possibilities of life.


rose quartz

unconditional love + compassion + kindness + peace 

I’m treasured for attracting, manifesting & supporting unconditional love. my gentle, empathetic energy is known to heal your heart, soothing old wounds & opening it to the possibility of new & deeper love. I am recognized for increasing compassion & kindness, towards yourself & others. I am celebrated for my strong bond with the heart chakra and am said to reawaken connection with your true self, nourishing lasting kindness & peace.



hope + luck + truth + integrity + healing + self-love

for millennia, I have been cherished as a stone of hope, truth & courage. known as a lucky charm, my powerful energy is said to heal & rejuvenate. I’m recognized for balancing masculine & feminine energies, as well as for facilitating understanding of different perspectives. I symbolize truth & am recognized for infusing the soul with your true intentions & opening the heart to freely love & express the truth of your inner self.


smoky quartz

grounding + protection + cleansing + healing

since ancient times, I’ve been recognized as an grounding stone that offers powerful strength & protection. linked to the healing vibrations of the earth, I’m known to cleanse & neutralize negativity, helping soothe & heal past trauma. I’m believed to anchor the root chakra, nurturing emotional stability & dispersing fear.


picture jasper

visualization + harmony + comfort + courage + connection

known as the stone of global awareness, I am revered across cultures for my deep connection to the earth. I am known to encourage ecological responsibility & living in harmony through meaningful service to others. I am said to bring comfort & courage, alleviating fear & healing old wounds. since ancient times it is believed I decode messages from the past, stimulating creative visualization & uniting your energy with nature.


white agate

harmony + peace + intuition + purity + focus + truth

valued since ancient times as a stone of harmony, I am celebrated for unifying the body, mind & spirit. my gentle energy is said to encourage emotional balance & inner peace, enhancing intuition & focus, while healing trauma. I symbolize purity & am known to bestow the courage to trust. famed for grounding & stabilizing, I am recognized for harmonizing yin-yang energy.


crazy lace agate

optimism + joy + stimulation + transformation + support

I’m known as the laughter stone, famed for bringing joy & happiness. my ‘happy lace’ patterns are said to create a stimulating energy flow, elevating thoughts, inspiring optimism & encouraging flexibility of the mind. I’m celebrated for my grounding & support, known for healing emotional distress. I am used a talisman for transformation, directing you pursue to new horizons & capabilities.


black onyx

strength + protection + stamina + wisdom + focus

a famed talisman since ancient times, my powerful energy is believed to offer strong protection & guide you in conquering your fears. I’m known to impart strength & stamina in times of stress & grief, encouraging confidence & wise decision-making. I’m celebrated for inspiring happiness & good fortune, as well as transforming negative energy, stimulating focus & self-mastery.

star signs + associations

chakra - throat chakra, third eye chakra
planet - moon, venus
element - water, air
zodiac - sagittarius


chakra - heart chakra
element - earth
zodiac - leo, aries


chakra - heart chakra
planet - venus
element - earth, water
zodiac - taurus, libra


chakra - heart chakra, throat chakra
planet - uranus
element - earth, water
zodiac - virgo


chakra - base chakra, solar plexus chakra
element - earth/air
zodiac - scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn


chakra - base chakra
planet - mars
element - fire
zodiac - leo


chakra - crown chakra
planet - moon
element - earth
zodiac - gemini, virgo


chakra - third eye chakra, crown chakra
planet - mercury
element - earth
zodiac - gemini, virgo, pisces, libra


chakra - base chakrasolar plexus
planet - earth, mars, saturn
element - earth
birthstone - december
zodiac - leo, capricorn, gemini


I'm carefully crafted from natural gemstones.
natural variations are celebrated, as my individual beauty is untouched.
keep me away from water & sweat. store my safely in my natural bamboo box.
my packaging is 100% recyclable & plastic-free.

beechworth gemstone bracelet

beechworth gemstone bracelet