women are everything

the world tells women "you're not enough". 
we believe women are everything.

society asks women to balance on a tightrope of unrealistic expectations, all whilst not occupying too much space.

we believe in who you are in this moment.
we want to celebrate you now.

created by women, for women.

we are obsessed with creating sustainable fashion & designing beautiful accessories that bring joy.

we create everything to enhance your self expression & unique beauty.

our styles are made from premium, cruelty-free materials including our signature vegan leather & vegan faux fur.

our packaging is plastic-free & 100% recyclable.

crafted sustainably 

after 10 years working as a designer in the fashion industry, our founder was dismayed by the amount of plastic waste associated with every individual product from plastic bags to plastic loops on labels, every brand globally seemed to have accepted this as the status quo.

with solar eclipse, we are proudly 100% plastic free in our packaging, as we use natural, recyclable alternatives. we are always looking to create reusable, multi-functional solutions and have some world-first initiatives launching for holiday gifting 2020.

our products are handcrafted in artisan studios in china, several of which are female owned. our founder has personally visited every studio & we work closely & collaboratively with our craftsman partners. our relationship with our craftsman partners is based on mutual respect & shared values.

our commitment

• sustainable

• cruelty-free

• female founded & led