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byron bay crystal gemstone bracelet


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bracelets with intention.
find your perfect match.
limited edition, small batch.

style notes

- one-of-a-kind
- hand-crafted
- flexible fit
- signature bamboo box
- limited edition
- small batch

namesake - byron bay is a world-famous coastal town, renouned for its awe-inspiring natural beauty. it is an internationally celebrated spiritual & wellness centre.
inspired by effortless australian style.


I'm one-of-a-kind.
hand-crafted with carefully selected natural gemstones, every piece is unique. 
for millennia, gemstones have treasured for their beauty & healing powers. 
wearing me symbolizes a constant flow of energy to mind, body & spirit.



creativity + confidence + courage + self-esteem + motivation 

I’m celebrated for powerfully stimulating creative energy, unlocking your potential and inspiring courage. I symbolize passion & vitality, known to spark motivation, tenacity & success. I am treasured as a good luck charm. an ancient talisman of bravery, I represent valiance & valor. use my intention “I am confident in who I am and my worthiness” to encourage & boost your self-esteem.



joy + balance + serenity + forgiveness + love + peace

as a stone of universal love, I represent a special connection with the heart chakra. I’m known to spark forgiveness & healing, mending broken hearts & guiding towards a peaceful & positive future. I’m celebrated for manifesting joy, optimism & happiness; banishing storms of stress & tension. I’m revered for energizing the chakras, balancing yin-yang energy & encouraging serenity.



abundance + generosity + prosperity + confidence + joy

I’m famed for being a glorious dose of daily vitamin-c for the soul. my bright energy is known for invigorating every aspect of live, cleansing the chakras & promoting confidence. I’m celebrated for manifesting success. I symbolize abundance & good fortune. use my intention “today I choose to be happy” to inspire positivity, optimism & lasting good vibes.



cleansing + calming + tolerance + intuition + peace

I hold space as a stone of inner peace; for millennia my deep connection with water has been revered for cleansing negativity, anger & stress, bringing closure & rejuvenation. I’m celebrated for encouraging tolerance of oneself & others. I’m known as a stone of empowerment, enhancing intuition & logic. I’m said to restore the throat chakra, clearing the channel with the heart chakra and helping you freely & honestly communicate.



transformation + inspiration + trust + communication

I’m celebrated for unblocking the throat chakra, enabling you to freely express your truth through honest communication. I’m said to discharge stress & tension, nurturing trust & inviting inspiration. my aura is known to align the heart & mind, fostering harmony & connection to allow you to discover your true self.



healing + love + wisdom + peace + cleansing + protection

legendary for thousands of years as the oldest gemstone, I am known as a healer & protector. I am renowned for purification & dispelling negative energy, as well as balancing & aligning all the chakras. treasured as a good luck charm, i am believed to stimulate health & prosperity. I symbolize wisdom & good fortune, celebrated for igniting self-acceptance & providing solace for the spirit. I am said to bring lasting peace, opening the heart to love & kindness.


clear crystal quartz

clarity + intention + energy + healing + harmony

renowned throughout the ages as the master-healer, I’m celebrated for amplifying energy & supercharging your intentions. I’m known for my high vibrations which increase clarity of thought & inspire you to live at your highest potential. I am said to magnify the power of other crystals. I am renowned as the ideal stone for manifestation. meditate with me to create a clear vision of your desired future.



energy + passion + success + intimacy + cleansing

cherished through millennia as a symbol of commitment & love, I’m said to offer warmth, trust & honesty for all relationships including with one’s self. as a stone of passion, I am recognized for renewing intimacy. I’m celebrated for balancing energy, through powerful revitalization & purification. I’m known to remove emotional disharmony & open your heart, imparting hope and inspiring success.



peace + tranquility + intuition + stress relief + purity

legendary for thousands of years, I symbolize inner peace and tranquility. I’m known to soothe stress & relieve tension. an antidote to the chaos of the world, I’m believed to purify energy and inspire serenity. I’m renowned for activating awareness. use my intention “I trust myself & my intuition” to encourage deeper connection to self.



awareness + optimism + manifestation + protection + joy

prized by ancient royalty for carrying the healing energy of the sun, my protective powers are said to ward off darkness, fear & negativity. known for stimulating awareness, I am a valued aid for manifestation & recognizing your destiny & purpose. famed as a stone of warmth & wellness, I am renowned for opening the heart & mind. I am said to encourage lasting optimism, and bestow meaningful joy.


lapis lazuli

truth + power + purification + wisdom + peace + clarity

I’ve been renowned throughout the ages as a stone of potent wisdom & truth. I’m known to ignite consciousness & intuition, encouraging you to speak your truth & discover your most authentic self. I symbolize empowerment & clarity. use my intention “I have the wisdom to take the lead in my own life” to inspire self-confidence & deep peace.



love + hope + balance + inuition + sensulaity + calmness

my deep connection with the moon is revered for inspiring new beginnings & opening the heart to discover your natural rhythm & the inner balance of your spirit. I am known to enhance intuition and to nurture calmness & harmony with oneself. I symbolize hope, peace & infinite possibility. I celebrate love & the miracle of life, embracing personal growth & contentment.



cleansing + balance + regeneratio + calming + love

I’m famed for my powerful ability to cleanse & heal deep emotional pain, destructive feelings & old wounds. my bright energy is known for invigorating the mind, balancing the left & right brain. I’m celebrated for promoting confidence & manifesting prosperity. I symbolize regeneration and as a primary stone of the heart chakra, I’m said to enhance compassion & love towards oneself
& others, bringing lasting peace & joy.

star signs + associations

chakra - sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, crown chakra
planet - jupiter, sun
element - air, fire
birthstone - november
zodiac - aries, gemini, leo, libra, cancer, virgo


chakra - heart chakra, solar plexus
planet - venus
element - water
birthstone - may
zodiac - libra, taurus, gemini, aquarius


chakra - throat chakra, heart chakra
planet - neptune
element - water
birthstone - march
zodiac - pisces, aries, gemini, scorpio, aquarius


chakra - throat chakra, third eye chakra, crown chakra
birthstone - december
zodiac - gemini, libra, sagittarius


chakra - heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra
planet - venus & neptune
element - earth/air/fire
birthstone - december
zodiac - scorpio, sagittarius, aquarius, pisces


chakra - crown chakra
planet - sun
element - all - earth/fire/air/water
birthstone - april
zodiac - all astrological signs


chakra - base chakra, heart chakra
planet - mars
element - fire, earth
birthstone - january
zodiac - aquarius, aries, leo, virgo, capricorn


chakra - third eye chakra, crown chakra
planet - jupiter, saturn, neptune
element - air, water
birthstone - february
zodiac - virgo, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pieces


chakra - solar plexus chakra, heart chakra
planet - mercury
element - earth
birthstone - august
zodiac - gemini, leo, virgo, scorpio, sagittarius


chakra - throat chakra, third eye chakra
planet - mercury, jupiter, saturn, neptune
element - water, air
birthstone - september, december
zodiac - sagittarius, pisces, aquarius


chakra - third eye chakra, sacral chakra, crown chakra planet - moon
element - water
birthstone - june
zodiac - cancer, libra, scorpio


chakra - heart chakra
planet - venus
element - water
birthstone - october
zodiac - virgo, libra


I'm carefully crafted from natural gemstones.
natural variations are celebrated, as my individual beauty is untouched.
keep me away from water & sweat. store my safely in my natural bamboo box.
my packaging is 100% recyclable & plastic-free.

byron bay crystal gemstone bracelet

byron bay crystal gemstone bracelet