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cape le grand crystal gemstone bracelet


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bracelets with intention.
find your perfect match.
limited edition, small batch.

style notes

- one-of-a-kind
- hand-crafted
- flexible fit
- signature bamboo box
- limited edition
- small batch

namesake - cape le grand is known for its breathtaking, rugged scenery. its colony of friendly kangaroos are often spotted soaking up the sun at its pristine beaches.
inspired by effortless australian style.


I'm one-of-a-kind.
hand-crafted with carefully selected natural gemstones, every piece is unique. natural variations are celebrated, as my individual beauty is untouched.



intelligence + truth + perception + harmony + intuition

I’m known to inspire profound inspiration, energizing the mind and enhancing intelligence & perception. I hold space as a grounding stone, revered for calming panic & transforming tension into feelings of harmony & balance. I symbolize truth & intuition, enhancing tranquility, empowerment & clarity to pursue your deepest desires.



hope + luck + truth + integrity + healing + self-love

for millennia, I have been cherished as a stone of hope, truth & courage. known as a lucky charm, my powerful energy is said to heal & rejuvenate. I’m recognized for balancing masculine & feminine energies, as well as for facilitating understanding of different perspectives. I symbolize truth & am recognized for infusing the soul with your true intentions & opening the heart to freely love & express the truth of your inner self.



freedom + happiness + originality + positivity + gratitude

I’m cherished for my bright, positive energy, which clears & revitalizes all the chakras. my strong connection to the sun is known to instill luck & dissipate fearfulness, as well as illuminate opportunities to pursue happiness. a chosen stone of leaders, I am a symbol of freedom & independence. I represent inner bliss & contentment, sparking the confidence to let your true self shine through. I am said to inspire lasting gratitude & optimism.

#strawberry quartz

strawberry quartz

love + gratitude + generosity + harmony + positivity

for millennia i have been treasured as a stone of universal love, that promotes positivity & attracts loving energy. my aura said to encourage empathy, as well as intensify feelings of generosity & gratitude. I’m believed to inspire clarity of purpose, replacing confusion with renewed determination & grounding stability. I symbolize celebration & joy.


tiger's eye

courage + protection + focus + inspiration + good fortune

favored throughout millennia as an exceptional protective stone, I symbolize the courage & power of my namesake. my bold energy is said to overcome fear & empower you to conquer what is holding you back. I am known for increasing insight & perception. I am prized as an ancient talisman of good fortune, recognized for sharpening focus & heightening inspiration to accomplish your goals 



inspiration + ambition + intellect + motivation + clarity

I’m famed as a stone of inspiration, known to dissipate confusion & apathy, replacing them with clarity & intention. I’m recognized for igniting ambition & fuelling motivation to manifest your goals. I symbolize intellect & the pursuit of knowledge & truth.
my aura is said to nurture calm contemplation & improve concentration

star signs + associations

chakra - throat chakra, third eye chakra
planet - moon, venus
element - water, air
zodiac - sagittarius


chakra - heart chakra, throat chakra
planet - uranus
element - earth, water
zodiac - virgo


chakra - solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra
planet - sun
element - fire, air
zodiac - leo, libra, virgo, aries


chakra - heart chakra
planet - saturn
element - fire
zodiac - libra, aries


chakra - sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, root chakra
planet - sun
element - fire, earth
zodiac - capricorn


chakra - throat chakra
element - air
zodiac - gemini


I'm carefully crafted from natural gemstones.
natural variations are celebrated, as my individual beauty is untouched.
keep me away from water & sweat. store my safely in my natural bamboo box.
my packaging is 100% recyclable & plastic-free.

cape le grand crystal gemstone bracelet

cape le grand crystal gemstone bracelet