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sunshine coast crystal gemstone bracelet


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bracelets with intention.
find your perfect match.
limited edition, small batch.

style notes

- one-of-a-kind
- hand-crafted
- flexible fit
- signature bamboo box
- limited edition
- small batch

namesake - the sunshine coast is world famous for its sun-drenched, pristine beaches, national parks & lush countryside.
inspired by effortless australian style. 


I'm one-of-a-kind.
hand-crafted with carefully selected natural gemstones, every piece is unique. 
for millennia, gemstones have treasured for their beauty & healing powers. 
wearing me symbolizes a constant flow of energy to mind, body & spirit.



energy + passion + success + intimacy + cleansing

cherished through millennia as a symbol of commitment & love, I’m said to offer warmth, trust & honesty for all relationships including with one’s self. as a stone of passion, I am recognized for renewing intimacy. I’m celebrated for balancing energy, through powerful revitalization & purification. I’m known to remove emotional disharmony & open your heart, imparting hope and inspiring success.



cleansing + calming + tolerance + intuition + peace

I hold space as a stone of inner peace; for millennia my deep connection with water has been revered for cleansing negativity, anger & stress, bringing closure & rejuvenation. I’m celebrated for encouraging tolerance of oneself & others. I’m known as a stone of empowerment, enhancing intuition & logic. I’m said to restore the throat chakra, clearing the channel with the heart chakra and helping you freely & honestly communicate.



love + healing + comfort + harmony + compassion

I symbolize unconditional love, the greatest healer. I’m recognized for releasing energy blockages & alleviating old wounds, opening your heart & encouraging forgiveness, acceptance & compassion. I’m said to grant the courage needed for true vulnerability & trust, with my gentle vibrations guiding towards lasting positivity & love.



discernment + intellect + clarity + focus + cleansing + peace

I’m prized as a stone of intellect & clarity, making me a valued aid for learning, study & problem solving. my peaceful energy is said to clear the mind of clutter, fostering focus & inviting inspiration. I am recognized for cleansing negativity & relieving stress. I symbolize discernment & am known for stimulating wise decision making by clearly illuminating the path to your desired future.


ruby zoisite

love + empathy + energy + passion + patience + happiness

an amalgamation of color & energy, I symbolize the union of passion & patience, revered for harmonizing the connection between the heart & the mind. I’m known to transform negative energy, valued as an aid & comfort during grieving & pain. treasured as a talisman of love, I am recognized for nurturing empathy. I am said to instill happiness & ignite lasting energy, kindling enthusiasm & excitement for life.


black spinel

empowerment + protection + calming + grounding + focus

famed as a stone of empowerment, I am known to accentuate personal power. I’m celebrated for my high vibrations, which are said to invite positive life force energy & increase your sense of purpose. I’m cherished as a powerful protector, used to repel negative energy & vanquish strong feelings of anger & resentment. I am a grounding stone & my calming aura is prized during times of transition.

star signs + associations

chakra - base chakra, heart chakra
planet - mars
element - fire, earth
birthstone - january
zodiac - aquarius, aries, leo, virgo, capricorn


chakra - throat chakra, heart chakra
planet - neptune
element - water
birthstone - march
zodiac - pisces, aries, gemini, scorpio, aquarius


chakra - heart chakra, solar plexus
planet - mars
element - fire, water
zodiac - leo, scorpio


chakra - heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra
element - air, water
zodiac - capricorn, pisces


chakra - crown chakra, heart chakra
zodiac - aries, aquarius


chakra - base chakra
birthstone - august
zodiac - scorpio, taurus, sagittarius


I'm carefully crafted from natural gemstones.
natural variations are celebrated, as my individual beauty is untouched.
keep me away from water & sweat. store my safely in my natural bamboo box.
my packaging is 100% recyclable & plastic-free.

sunshine coast crystal gemstone bracelet

sunshine coast crystal gemstone bracelet